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Two new faces in the Swiss Federal Council

On Wednesday 7 December, the Swiss parliament appointed two new members of the Federal Council, the executive body: Albert Rösti of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) and the left-leaning Social Democrat Elisabeth Baume-Schneider (SP) have been chosen to replace Ueli Maurer and Simonetta Sommaruga. Thursday has seen the announcement of a reshuffle of government departments among the seven members.

Who got what?

Albert Rösti: environment ministry

Elisabeth Baume-Schneider: justice ministry

Karin Keller-Sutter: finance ministry

Alain Berset: interior ministry (as before). He will be the next President in 2023

Ignazio Cassis: foreign ministry (as before)

Viola Amherd: defence ministry (as before)

Guy Parmelin: economics ministry (as before)

See also SwissInfo report here.

Rösti third from right, Baume-Schneider second from right



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