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SwissCommunity, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA), is a politically neutral, independent, non-government organisation based in Switzerland. It is the centre of expertise for all matters concerning the international mobility of Swiss citizens.

The primary tasks of SwissCommunity


It represents the interests of Swiss citizens living abroad before the authorities and the public in Switzerland. The mouthpiece of the Swiss diaspora is the Council of the Swiss Abroad, which is elected by the Swiss communities abroad.


It informs the expatriate community about important events and developments in Switzerland. It supplies those living abroad who are eligible to vote with the basic information they need to exercise their political rights in Switzerland.


It networks Swiss Abroad with each other and with authorities, institutions and the public in Switzerland. To this end, it works closely with umbrella organisations such as the Swiss Alliance Australia, to link with Swiss associations and institutions abroad.


It advises Swiss nationals about issues related to emigration, staying abroad and returning to Switzerland. Together with its partner organisations, it provides Swiss nationals abroad with a wide range of services.

Congress of the Swiss Abroad, St. Gallen 2023

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad has represented the overall interests of Swiss nationals abroad in Switzerland since 1916, and is recognised by the authorities as the mouthpiece of the “Fifth Switzerland”.

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